Friday, September 21, 2012

Friends Friday, Not Really

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming . . .

Well, I don't have breaking news, but my regular schedule has had a few interruptions.
I think the Moms out there can relate, maybe some Dads can too, to what a little fever can do--throw in a sore throat and cough and you've got a child home for a few days, lots of soup and watching movies on the sofa. Hmm, doesn't lend itself to high productivity or even staying on top of everything. But it does come with the territory. That territory of being the Mom, and loving it, even on sick days. Even if it means I haven't written posts that match my catchy day-of-the-week titles. I know the awesome readers of my blog will forgive me. That's what friends do, right? And besides, this is only a blog--it's not like I'm messing with anyone's daily lunch specials right?


Ink in the Book said...

I think you hit the nail right on the head here! As I mom, I totally get what you are saying. And sure, we all understand. Don't worry. My daily lunch special changes at a moments notice:)

Angie said...

Take care of yourself! Hope you feel better soon.


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