Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday for my Blog!

I’ve had this blog idea for almost a year.
What blog idea is that? Umm, starting one. That's it.
I created the blog and titled it long, long ago. I’ve pulled it up, and checked to see if it was still there. I’ve stared at the screen and wondered if some flash of inspiration would hit me. Other times I’ve changed the background and twiddled with the gadgets.
What am I doing? Do I have cold feet? I didn’t have those before I got married, so I would not know what they feel like, but the committment to start this blog has scared me more than trying on any white dress or agreeing to eternity. Really? Maybe I’m blocked? (Artistically speaking –that is.) Maybe. If that’s another word for scared silly, then maybe. For the record, I’ve been writing new poems and entering contests and I should mention (deep breath, holding . . .) I’ve been writing my first novel. (Exhale) Is anyone still reading? So I don’t think I’m completely artistically challenged. But I write posts and do not click that innocent looking ‘publish post’ button. I leave them on my computer, waiting. For what? Until I’m smarter, more organized, or take a refresher course in grammar? That’s not happening any time soon.

One day I thought 'maybe my blog has been gestating.’ I didn’t think I’d write that because, personally, I don’t think gestating is a very pretty word and it makes me think in medical ways. I also didn’t want to introduce the comparison to pregnancy (baby rumors can be started on much less potent words). But it fits. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Some ideas come and you are acting on them before you know it and other ideas, well, take longer. I’ve heard some people call it ‘simmering on the back burner’. Whatever the name, I’d like to think my blog idea has matured and is ready to be born.

So, in the spirit of the New Year, and thinking of my favorite RBS commercials –you remember “less talk, more action,"

I’m not resolving to start,—I’m starting. This will be the place I blog about my creative ventures (or should that read adventures?) and the inspiring creativity of friends, family and others. And yes, it may include a few posts about writing.

I'd love to hear if you have any projects that are waiting for their birthday!

BTW, most of you know me well enough, but for those who do not, I'm a wordaholic. I can't help myself --I'm addicted to words and their definitions -even the ones I think are creepy sounding!

gestate: 1. to carry offspring in the womb, or develop as offspring in the womb 2. to develop in the mind, or allow an idea or plan to develop in the mind


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