Monday, April 26, 2010

LDStorymakers Conference 2010 - Quotes

This was my first time attending the LDStorymaker's Conference in Provo, UT. It had been on my "become-a-author" to do list ever since last year. And it lived up to every good thing I'd heard about it. Great speakers, lots of really cool writers, agents and editors-what else could you ask for, except maybe a venue change to say, Hawaii? I'm not one for hyperbole but it was the Best. Conference. Ever.

I've compiled random quotes for your reading enjoyment.

"We're glad you're here. You matter." - Saturday morning opening remarks

"The more pain you have, use it." - referring to women's fiction

"Unique-wa-fy your book" -permission from M.A. Bell to use her newly coined word.

"If I can do it, you can do it." -from the cliche class

"Once you start writing, you have a radar for wierdness!"

"We are going to change your reservation and put you in one room the first night and another room for the second night." -said with a smile by the front-desk-man to me upon check-in. This has nothing to do with writing but it will help you understand one of my conference highlights.

"We have a ton of material so I'm going to talk fast to get through it" - from the pacing class . . . okay I made this one up - but all of the other quotes are totally true!!

"If your first sentence is about the weather - delete it!" - first five pages workshop

"Then I'm going to make her squirm" - this was overheard by my friend Peggy, who has incredible powers of eavesdropping, er - I mean observation, at one of her tables. This makes me want to ask, "Haven't you heard of karma? You know, what goes around, comes around!" Unless she was speaking of a character in her book, maybe her villian. Then the comment is totally justified! That's the trouble when you don't have context.

Speaking of context. . .

"Remember to exercise. . . join toastmasters . . . hang out in a bar." -advice from David Farland during his keynote address. Does he know he's speaking to writers? I didn't make this up. But I will add context. He said we have to take care of ourselves physically to have sharp minds. He said we need to prepare for the day when we are asked to give the keynote address at storymakers, 'polish your public speaking skills, you know, join toastmasters'.(We can hope, right?) And he told a story of attending World Con twenty years ago with a new writer who he instructed to go with him to the bar to hang out with the agents and editors - he did warn him not to drink anything, though. *whew*

Last quote "overheard" by Peggy while we were boarding the flight to SLC. Okay, I heard it too, but she got the full sentence:

"I always leave an empty seat next to me if I can, so if I see a pretty girl I can motion to her that the seat is available." -said by the man one seat behind us to his friend. All you pretty ladies taking flight - be warned - he's out there. Unless you're looking for this kind of shallow schemer- well then, he's all yours!

Ahh, good times.

Coming soon - conference highlights including my bootcamp survival story, great writing advice and winners of the 1st chapter contest. Stay tuned!


Liz Adair said...

What a great post, Tamara. It made me smile as I relived moments in that great conference through your notes. Well done!

Liz Adair

Sandra said...

Thanks for blogging about Storymakers. I wasn't able to go, so it's great to hear some of what went on. Can't wait for your next post! : )

Melody said...

Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to read your book someday! :)

Peggy Urry said...

Great times! Let's do it all over again next year!!!

Amy said...

I want to hear what Marissa wasn't allowed to tell me! Do post please!! :)

NaTahsha said...

Tamara, I met you at the conference. I agree it was amazing! You still look so familiar to me, and I can't place why I think I know you. I'm new to the blogging world, but I'd love you to check out my blog. I promise there will be something interesting there soon! In the mean time, I'll keep your blog link and check in from time to time. It was great to meet you. Happy Writing!

Susan G. Haws said...

I loved your blog. I can't wait to hear more and plan to attend next year.

Tamara said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Natahsha. I keep wondering if we could have met somewhere before, too. I'm following your blog now, so I'll be checking for new posts.

Anonymous said...

I remember some of these, and missed the others. They're great! Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Ipson said...

Love the quotes! Now do me and Peggy have permission to quote you and the witty, clever (read funny, crazy) things YOU said over the weekend?!! Just wondering!

Thanks for an awesome time!!! It was great to share it with you and Peggy! Thanks for the pullout bed.

Kaylie said...

I've seen lots of blogs about Storymakers, but yours made me smile! Great quotes.

Tamara said...

Valerie, If you really think ANYTHING I said was worth quoting, you go right ahead. And since you had to put up with me for most of the conference, you have my permission to rant, complain and even make fun of my drama queen tendencies I didn't know I had!!

Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. The weekend was a blast!


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