Why I Write

Why do I write?

The short answer: I love to.

The somewhat longer answer: Just because I love to write doesn't mean it comes easily to me. No, I have to work at it. And that adds up to most days enjoying the writing process and some days, not so much. But the finished product, whether a poem, article or novel, is a delicious reward --one I've come to crave the more I taste of it. 

I've long believed creative activities contribute to happy, healthy people -and that means for me--a happy healthy woman, wife, mom and friend. 

So I keep writing, mostly about life and how I see it and sometimes I work up enough courage to share.

A favorite artist of mine said this in a letter to her daughter, 

"This life is a great experience. May our Heavenly Father bless [us] to live! To see! To think! And happiness will come gradually. You'll hardly know when. I bless you to live, darling, live.!"

Eastwood, Laurie Teichert, Letters of Minerva Teichert, Provo, UT: BYU Studies, 1998, pg. 219

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