Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I really get up

38 today.
No - not pages written,
Years lived.
It's a good day.
I love life.
Yeah, I'm one of those
Birthday lovers.
Not for the reasons you might think.
Not because life is easy or
Things always go as I planned. No.
I've had my share of
I-didn't-see-that-coming moments.
But I've believed for a long time
Life is beautiful
Easy or hard-
Life is a gift.

This year
I am the age
My older brother
Never got to be.
It's hard to care about smile lines
Or grey hairs when I remember him.
Years take on new meanings
when they are etched on gravestones.
If he were so young when he died,
How can I be getting old?

I'm aware my
Blog post
Is a bit unconventional
In our culture of
Perpetually young everything
And maybe some of my readers are shielding their eyes
Cringing for me - did she really put her age on the page?
Yes. I refuse to dread my birthdays,
Or even pretend I'm not really grateful to have another one.

Here's to watermelon and corn on the cob.
Summer nights and star filled skies.
Moving the furniture and turning up the dance music.
And on hard, hard days
Here's to the kind of peace that only comes from prayer
And singing hymns to soothe a broken heart
And knowing life is a beautiful gift.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tamara! You're not going to believe this, but the word verification actually says "pressent" It's meant to be!!!!!! And you and I both know that 38 isn't that old, right? I mean were 18 just yesterday. (which of course doesn't make sense since my son just turned 17--but oh well) Even my Mom who just passed away(would have been 64 last week)shocked most people who said, "Wow, but she was so young!" I think we're as young as we believe and each day is just one more to accomplish something good and to enjoy being alive. :) Have a fantastic day!!!

Tamara said...

Thanks Karen. My word verifications are never that cool! Sorry to hear about your mom - and you are right - we are as young as we believe. Take care.

Valerie Ipson said...

This is so beautiful, Tamara. I've never understood the hiding of one's age, as if we might be to blame somehow for the date we entered the world. I agree with you, just celebrate LIFE!

Joan Sowards said...

Poetically and beautifully put. Brought tears to my eyes. You hide your age well. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I'm so glad you are looking at aging in a positive way. (I never would have guessed you were 38!)

TKAstle said...

Amen, Tamara! I know just what you mean. My older sister died much sooner than any of us were ready to let her go. I consider every birthday I get to enjoy beyond the number she was able to celebrate to be a great blessing.

Hallelujah for the chance to look forward to growing old in this life!

Happy birthday and MANY happy returns!

Susan G. Haws said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tamara! May each year yet to come bring memories to savor.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Tamara!! I miss seeing your happy, smiling face every day! Hope you have a good one!

Loree said...

happy birthday tamara! beautiful post :) so are such an amazing lady, and i really mean it too :)

Karen Dupaix said...

Thanks for bringing a true perspective on growing older.

Tamara said...

Thank You - everyone - for your kind words!

Cherene said...

Love your poem. I've already celebrated 2 more birthdays than my father did. I love this reminder to appreciate every day. Happy Birthday my friend!

Amy Cowan said...

Happy Birthday! I love your talent of writing! Thanks for sharing your gift of words and your attitude for life.

NaTahsha Ford said...

That was beautiful. Happy Birthday

Lindsey said...

Hi Tamra! You ordered some Pampered Chef from me at LIFE, and when I asked you to "friend me" on Facebook, i didn't realize you were LDS! Me too! I just saw you post that you have a blog, so, I stopped by to check it out. Happy birthday! I will add you to my "reader!" I just turned 37. You make 38 sound good.

Lindsey Wynia

dadleavitt said...

You are the best! I love you! Happy Birthday!!!!! You know how to make me smile.

Rondi said...

LOVE it!!!! i didn't know you were a poet! thanks for sharing, made me get teary eyed! my birthday is tomorrow, so, we're kindred spirits! hee hee hee....except i'm much older than you!

Paul Germana said...

Happy Birthday Tamara. I'm turning 40 on the 18th. I figure that'll make me grow up; but I doubt it. I could never live with myself if I let that happen.

Angie said...

What a wonderful post. Happy Birthday. Good for you for loving your birthdays and your age! I am 38 also.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Happy Birthday! What a great post. I figure age is something to be proud of and I've earned every gray hair and laugh line. :) (Saw your blog on the AI group)

melissa said...

Happy Birthday Tamara!

I hope you have a great day and this was a great post! thanks.


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