Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Not to Wear - Repost

This is a repost, with a few changes ...looking forward to the awesome ANWA conference and trying to make sure I'm ready for all the fun. 
Workshops chosen-check. Books for the bookstore-check. Costume for gala-check. 
And while I was breathing a nice sigh of relief over finally figuring what to wear to the gala (not going to give it away), I realized I hadn't given one thought, not even a passing glace to my closet. There are good reasons for this. 
1. I can sum up by saying Life. 
2. I know some authors love writing and fashion, but I can't claim to be one of them. I like to say I'm a writer for a reason.
Then I remembered this post from a previous year. Enjoy!

I checked with some of the places I usually turn for inspiration. I thought maybe dear Jane might have a suggestion for me. *Sigh* The empire waist. She can pull it off, but this century I'd run the risk of it resembling maternity wear. And the bonnet . . . now there's an idea.
"Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!" Jane Austen

How about Miss Alcott? The white blouse looks versatile, but I don't think I could get my hair to curl, shine and extend over my ears the same way. Is it just me or does she look like she could could be Princess Lea's grandmother?

"Let us be elegant or die! --Amy (Little Women), Louisa May Alcott

Last try. What can I learn from Miss Emily? Maybe less is more? Less hair, no collar, no lace -more poise? So writing inspiration? Yes. Fashion inspiration? Not so much. But I like Emily's advice . . .

Dwell in possibility - Emily Dickinson
I think I will look mostly like myself - maybe a little more excited than this pic and definately more colorful. Thanks for taking that little field trip with me! Now back to writing.


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