Monday, May 12, 2014

And Then There Were Fifty

Another Mother's Day, another Care Packages miracle!

Easter came later this year and Mother's Day followed so soon after it felt like we hardly had time to get ready, even though we'd been talking about and planning for this project for months. At one point I thought, 'Well, at least five special moms will have a care package this year.' Then I re-posted with a project update and Wow! what a response.

By noon on Thursday we had enough donations and goods for FIFTY! care packages. 

And this is what they how they looked, all lined up in a row, ready to go.
50 Lovely Care Packages

This would not have been possible without the time and generous donations of so many! 

for caring and making a difference 
in the lives of 50 moms this Mother's Day!

This year we donated all the gift bags to Phoenix Children's Hospital - the bags were able to be delivered to mothers who have had an extended stay with a sick child. 

And notice something about this last picture? We donated quilts too! Handmade by the incredible women of the Arizona Chapter of American Mothers Inc.

From Left, Susan Ray, AZ AMI President, Peggy Glass, Treasurer, Tamara Passey, 1st VP, Melody Wagner, Secretary

Susan Ray, Tamara Passey, Peggy Glass, Sharon L. (from Phoenix Children's) and Melody Wagner

I wish I could name all the contributors but that would present a few challenges - so let me just say again THANK YOU to all those who told their friends and family, those who remembered from last year and offered help early, all those who lent a helping hand to help this come together again.

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Valerie Ipson said...

Congratulations on another successful M-Day project!


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