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How Does American Mothers Inc. Honor Moms?

This post originally for the AZ American Mothers Blog.
I'll have more details (and pictures) later.

How Does American Mothers Inc. Honor Moms?
With luxurylaughter and love!

First luxury - this year the American Mothers Inc National Convention was held at the New York Waldorf Astoria. Yes, the Waldorf Astoria. Of course any hotel stay is a luxury for a mom, but the Waldorf provided historic, plush surroundings complete with fine dining and attention to detail. Even the dessert sported the iconic Waldorf logo.

Next, laughter - the attendees and honorees were treated to lunch with Kathie Lee Gifford. (Yes, the Kathie Lee!) She shared stories filled with humor and faith about what it means to raise children with character. She took questions and made time for pictures, too.

Kathie Lee Gifford & Tamara Passey - AZ
April 26, 2013

Montserrat Wadsworth - NV, Michelle Lehnardt - UT, Kathie Lee Gifford & Kim Hoey Stevenson - DE
April 26, 2013

Finally, Love! It started with warm greetings at registration and orientation, continued with  encouragement on speech day to settle nerves and finished with video tributes, celebration and hugs for everyone.

All this for mothers. Yes, the mothers. Mothers of the year, of the country, of the children they care for with dedication--in mostly ordinary but sometimes heroic ways.

Judy Ward AZ MOY, Mari Goodman AZ Mother of Achievement, Tamara Passey AZ YMOY
April 27, 2013
Thanks to AMI for valuing the work and sacrifice of mothers!

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Renae Weight Mackley said...

Hi Tamara!
That dessert is making me hungry.
What a wonderful conference you must have had. I salute those who honor mothers. Thanks for the post.


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