Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just For Fun

Because not all blog posts have to have deep,
life-changing messages, right?
Some can be just for fun.
Like the game I played recently at a girl's game night.

Play it.
Just for fun and
Really hard
At your friends, but more at yourself.
Go home and wonder for days
Where you learned to talk like a parrot.

If you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about.
If you haven't - what are you waiting for?

Okay - that's all for today.
Next week I'll get back to my regularly scheduled programming.
(And thanks to great friends for giving me a nice push
out of my well-worn comfort zone!)

Quelf Premier Edition Board Game     Quelf Card Game


Amy said...

LOVE this game!! I'm so glad you got to play it and get out of that comfort zone for a while. Try figuring out how to entertain a bunch of convicts while singing with no lips and dancing while covered in maple syrup and feathers!! (Yeah, I had to do that one -- on camera) I wonder how they come up with those things!! :)

Cherene said...

That was really fun! So glad you came and enjoyed the craziness. You do a great parrot impression!!

Valerie Ipson said...

Quelf is a favorite around here!

Peggy Urry said...

Oooh - sounds so fun! I'll have to get that one for my family. Will you talk like a parrot at our next meeting???


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