Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Easy to Make Holiday Wreath

I love making wreaths, not that I’m great at it, but I love a pretty wreath. It’s like an art form and though the structure is simple, a round base with some kind of ornamentation for accent, it seems the possibilities are endless. And fun. So I look forward to making a new one when I can.

But this year has been, oh slightly busier than the normal holiday swirl. No surprise with a little thing like a book launch thrown into the season. I thought I might have to find a store-bought one. Ouch, hurts to write that.

I found a few I liked and they all had a price tag I didn’t. So here’s what I did:

I grabbed a pine base, ½ price at Hobby Lobby $10 (There may be cheaper ones out there but this one does have a double wire, makes for a fuller-looking wreath. And as my youngest daughter mentioned while we were comparing ‘if it’s too skimpy, it sort of ruins the door.’ Note taken.)They had pre-formed Christmas floral bunches. The ones I chose had a gold ornament, some frosted pine and white glittery spray—I’m not even pretending to use official descriptions here.From another retailer (Okay Wal-Mart) I found clip on ornaments. Where have these been all my life? I picked up three gold poinsettias and three pine cone clusters. No glue stick, string or floral ties needed. Just clip onto the pine branches like you would the tree, and voila! You have yourself a decorated wreath ready for the door.

I made this in less the twenty minutes for under twenty dollars. Now that’s making spirits bright!

Of course, then I installed it on the door and wondered if it needed a ribbon bow. I’m still wondering. Mainly because I haven’t had a spare minute to tie one on and decide. If I do I’ll let you know.

Until then, this is me wishing you a very merry holiday and hoping all of your creative dreams come true!

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