Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Birthday Cake, Two Hearts, One Day

Another birthday poem.
This one about cake and heaven and being connected in the best of ways.
Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones.

Two Hearts, One Day

Baking the cake
We will share
Has come to mean more to me
Than flour and eggs
(Though I do love the way vanilla wakes up my kitchen,
The way velvety batter falls into
Reliable and waiting cake pans
Like liquid ribbon.)
It means more to me than mixing and frosting.
This is the cake I will share with my
Not-so-baby girl, born on my birthday.
Reminding me there are no coincidences
In heaven or on earth. That we are connected
Through time and space.
That we share memories and hearts full of love
For the gift of life,
For the best and permanent birthday gift heaven can give.

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