Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Twelve Giveaways of Christmas 
Blog Tour

Mark your calendar, or set an alarm on your smart phone, whatever you do, you don't want to miss this blog tour. Why? Because every day for the 12 days of Christmas, there will be a giveaway--chances to win books and related prizes!! And it gets better, there will be two blog tours: one group will be comprised of blogs for Romance/Suspense novels (that would be my group ;) and the other will be comprised of Fantasy/Paranormal novels.
So from the comfort of your own home you can take a tour and enter to win some great books. The featured books are clean reads (you know, sweet, no cussing, slashing or ahem, gratuitous you-know-what.) 
I'll post the stops and add links as they become available. I'll be posting here each day and you can also follow to the author's blogs. 
Come back each day until Christmas for exciting author giveaways that you won't want to miss. This is a great way to find new books and authors to love, so don't miss out!

Dec. 14: Tamara Passey The Christmas Tree Keeper, Angela Carling Reader’s Choice
Dec. 15: Britney Mills Christmas Novel, Jason Zandri Sci-Fi/Paranormal,
Dec. 16: Ava Mallory cozy mystery, Nicole Zoltack fantasy
Dec. 17: KJ Traynor mysteries, James D Paranormal Romantic suspense,
Dec. 18: Rachel Skatvold Christian Contemporary Romance, AJ Harred Fantasy,
Dec. 19: Kari Trumbo Christian Romance, Jennifer Kibble YA/Fantasy
Dec. 20: Brenda Anderson Life-Affirming fiction, Lea Doue Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Dec 21: Stacy Monson Contemporary Romance, Emily Bates Paranormal
Dec 22: Anna Del C. Romance, Peggy Urry Fantasy,
Dec 23: Valerie Gibson Ipson YA Christian Romance, Cassie Sheils Fantasy,
Dec 24: Frances Hoelsema YA sweet romance, Melanie Mason Romance

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