Monday, June 22, 2015

When Accomplishing Goals Gets Creative

Ever heard of Map Your Progress?
Neither had I until last weekend when I came across this post.
I read all about Amy's journey to pay off debt and mark her progress as she did so.
Resulting in a work of art. Like this.

These were the first or early prints she made, comprised of individual swirls that she would color in as she went. Each swirl representing a portion of the debt she was paying. Genius. Genius I tell you.

At least for a brain like mine, how cool it is to have something tangible to show for my effort. And not just tangible but potentially pretty. Attractive, eye-catching. A creative work of art. Both a motivation for--and a reward of--accomplishing a goal!

Her site is great has prints (or canvases) with swirls as few as 20 and as many as 365 (for you do-something-every-day-folks.) Do you know what this means? For me, it means I have some tangible motivation on the way for all my summer goals --fitness, writing, Portuguese learning --whatever I want to measure, and most likely accomplish, in a much more creative way.



Peggy Urry said...

Love this idea. Maybe it will help with the motivation I've been lacking. Thanks Tamara.

Mushbir Nidhal said...

This post very good read for the public as an additive insight, because it builds a thought that leads to a well in the environment. Thanks for sharing..........


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